You Can Make You Own Distilled Water

Here is how you can make you own distilled water. Fill in a 5 gallon pot of stainless steel with tap water. If you have a filter it is even better, because the water will not have chlorine and other chemicals inside.

Put a round bowl made of glass in the pot. Make sure it floats. The glass bowl should not touch the bottom of the pot under any circumstances. If you can not get your glass bowl to float, just put a round baking rack inside the pot so the bowl does not touch the bottom. Invert the pot lid and put ice in it. Turn on the heat and wait until the water starts to boil. As the water is boiling, steam will rise up and condense on the opposite side of the pot lid full of ice. The hot/cold effect makes the water to condense and this is precisely the method used to make distilled water. The steam will condense and turn back to water. It will drip from the bottom of the lid into the glass bowl. Take the pot off the heat very carefully and remove the lid. If there is any ice left in the lid, remove it. You now have water that has been distilled, dripped down in the glass bowl.

You do not have to go through all this process, especially if you need larger amounts of water. Just call us and order distilled water from us or just buy a home water distiller.

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