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Cleaning Your Camera

Buy distilled water when you want to clean your camera. If you have to clean the display of your camera, either if it is your cell phone camera, or a professional one, you can use this water to achieve best results. This is how you clean your camera. First of all, if you have a […]

Dieting and Distilled Water

Buy distilled water if you are planning to go under a detoxifying program. We strongly recommend you to drink distilled water if you want to detoxify your body. If you are going to do a regular dieting, you should stick to the regular water. This is so, because when you diet, your body needs a […]

Distilled Water Runs Cars

Students decided to buy distilled water to power a pickup truck for their recent project in their Community College’s Automotive Systems department. To the amazement of everyone, they successfully powered a pick up truck using the water. They used a Dodge Ram from 1997, a vehicle that allows water to be used as part of […]

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