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Cleaning Your Camera

Buy distilled water when you want to clean your camera. If you have to clean the display of your camera, either if it is your cell phone camera, or a professional one, you can use this water to achieve best results. This is how you clean your camera. First of all, if you have a […]

Clean Antiques with Distilled Water

Collecting is cool. There, we said it. We’re not ashamed to admit that the Distilled Water Company team between them have many, many different interests, most of which manifest themselves in a such a way that their desired items seem to accumulate in their homes and working spaces. And that’s the way we like it. […]

Home Made Facial with Distilled Water

In an age in which so many are preoccupied with looking more beautiful and younger than they have ever done before, keeping up appearances can be an expensive and time-consuming pastime. For some however, such as Jacksonville columnist Noreen Young, making her own facial masks with the help of a little distilled water is the […]

Distilled Water Facial for a Monument

Distilled water is the number one helper of archaeologists who are trying to restore monuments facing the sea. The shore temple of Memallapuram, India is currently being restored with the help of this water. Whenever a monument is facing the ocean, erosion occurs. The winds that are blowing from the ocean to the mainland are […]

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