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A Home Water Distiller will help your Car Battery

The Home Water Distiller can help you greatly if you are a frequent traveler by car as you will be able to continuously have distilled water available. You will find that many cars have a maintenance-free car battery, but if you are one of the few which do not you will need to frequently refill […]

Get Distilled Water at Home

The Home Water Distiller that we now offer is a wonderful product for anyone interested in having on demand distilled water right at home. There is no need to run to the store or order distilled water every time you have a need for it. As you may already know distilled water is ideal for […]

Woman Turns to Distilled Water for Washing

Imagine this: You wake up one day and discover that taking a shower burns you skin, making in red-raw, itchy and painful. You suspect it may be something to do with your local water supply, but you soon release that coming into contact with any water has the same effect. This is what happened to […]

Make Music with Distilled Water

Making music: since time began, the human race have been at it, beating drums, shaking maracas, and learning incredibly complicated and impressive pieces on the violin. For some it comes easily, and the melodically inclined simply have to pick up an instrument and somehow sweet music comes from it. For those of us talented at […]

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