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The many uses of Water!

Water is one of the most important things to a human, it is completely vital for us to drink enough water to lead healthy lives. A lot of people may think about food as important, but a human can actually last a lot longer without food than water.  It makes sense that we need water […]
Different types of water

Different Types of Water

Water, you might be surprised to find out can actually be categorized into quite a few different types.  We’ve only ever mentioned tap water, distilled water and mineral water, but there are a few other types that are worth mentioning. Hard Water – This is water that contains a very high content on mineral.  These […]

Distilled Water vs Bottled Water

It’s a well known fact that bottled water is a huge business, with over 2 billion gallons being sold per year. It’s a huge profit maker for the larger companies and really it’s no surprise considering how much is charged for one bottle.  Prices in London for a 500ml bottle can range from 40p to […]

Busting Myths about Distilled Water

We continue in our quest to re-educate the masses about the benefits of distilled water, and to stop the spread of strange myths that seem to be all over the internet regarding distilled water.  Some of these ‘facts’ range from the silly to the downright absurd! Take, for example, the idea that apparently some of […]

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