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Cleaning Your Camera

Buy distilled water when you want to clean your camera. If you have to clean the display of your camera, either if it is your cell phone camera, or a professional one, you can use this water to achieve best results. This is how you clean your camera. First of all, if you have a […]

You Can Make You Own Distilled Water

Here is how you can make you own distilled water. Fill in a 5 gallon pot of stainless steel with tap water. If you have a filter it is even better, because the water will not have chlorine and other chemicals inside. Put a round bowl made of glass in the pot. Make sure it […]

Get Distilled Water at Home

The Home Water Distiller that we now offer is a wonderful product for anyone interested in having on demand distilled water right at home. There is no need to run to the store or order distilled water every time you have a need for it. As you may already know distilled water is ideal for […]

Distilled Water for Dried-Out Third World Countries

Distilled water is the answer for the many third world countries that suffer from a constant drought or pollution in their natural water reserves. There are many countries in the world that suffer from insufficient amounts of clean and drinkable water and people are dying not only of hunger but of thirst. This is commonly […]

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